Prices may change without notice.

Valid From 1/6/20 Price per car (up to 4 passengers)

8 seater Van available – Email or call for pricing.


Manapouri approx $67 (metered)

Kepler Track: Rainbow Reach to Te Anau from $46

Kepler Track: Control Gates to Te Anau from $23

Kepler Track: Rainbow Reach to Control Gates or vice versa from $46

Te Araroa Trail: Princhester Road or Mavora Lakes Road Turn off – approx $84 metered

Milford Track: Te Anau > Te Anau Downs from approx $90 (metered)

Milford Sound: Te Anau or Te Anau Downs from $320

Milford Sound to Queenstown: from $700

The Divide to Te Anau (or reverse) $190 / Divide to QT Airport (or reverse) 530

Divide to Routeburn Shelter (or reverse) 769

Hollyford Road End from $255

Humpridge Track Rarakau Car Park from $277

Queenstown Airport from $395

Borland Lodge from $195

All other Tracks available, Just Ask!

We accept Cash, Credit & Debit cards (small fee), and Bank Transfers.

Extra fees: Wait time may be applied at a rate of up to $1 per minute. Card payment fee applies. Public holiday fee of 20%. Additional fees apply if a luggage trailer is required.

0204832628 020 4 TE ANAU